Project Management: Manage Projects like a Professional


Project Management: Manage Projects like a Professional, Complete with all Downloadable Project Management Tools & Processes.

What you”ll learn:

  • Project Scope Management
  • Managing Stakeholders
  • Project Time Management
  • Quality Control & Quality Management
  • Project Financial Management
  • Risk Management
  • Communication
  • Project Lifecycle
  • Project Closeout
  • Using MS Projects


During this Project management course we will work through:

  • Scope of WorksDetermine the scope of works and specifyManage project scope and scope change
  • Stakeholder ManagementIdentify stakeholdersStakeholder communication plan
  • Time ManagementProject activities and duration of each activityCritical path of the activities

    Duration, start and end dates

    Manage a realistic project program

    Using MS Projects

  • Quality ManagementProject quality fileProject quality control plan

    Check sheets

  • Financial ManagementActivity costs (material, labour, transport, consumables and overheads)Project bill of quantities

    Actual cost over predicted cost

  • Risk ManagementIdentify project risksRegister the risks

    Impact of the risk on the project

    Reduce the risks

  • CommunicationProject communication planCommunication process
  • Project LifecycleProject planningProject execution

    Closing out the project

Take the project management tools I give you during this course and apply it.

Theo Heath is helping to shape goal-focused, healthy and balanced individuals

Career development for project managers is one way of helping individuals progress.

Theo studied project management at 3 universities and gained more then 15 years experience.

The material in the course is easy to study and precise, using the material you will improve your project management skills.

Remember the best project is of good quality, on time and within budget.

Change in scope will change the cost, quality or duration. These 4 aspects are the corner stones of project management

  1. Scope of the works
  2. Cost and financial management
  3. Time and project program
  4. Quality management

Enjoy the learning experience and improving your project management skills.

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