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Programming for Non-Programmers, It’s fun programming.

What you”ll learn:

  • Learn computer programming concepts from basics.
  • Learn programming concepts without coding.
  • Learn programming with step-by-step approach with hand-on experience.
  • Develop numerous python and shell programs to build solid programming foundation.

Course Description

This course is for beginners (non-programmers) that introduces the programming concepts in a very interesting and unique way. The programming skills play a critical role in Cloud, Data Science, Software Development, DevOps, etc. This course enables you to learn other programming languages quickly and efficiently.

The course starts with programming concepts in plain English, and then get into Python programming. By the time, you write you first line of code, you are fully equipped with the fundamental concepts.

You will develop simple Python programs to apply the concepts.

Well…..Add the programming skill to your SKILL-BELT.

Enroll and Learn!

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