Professional Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro


Professional Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro,Learn Premiere Pro for Video editing from scratch.

In this course, you will learn various tools and techniques used for video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro. There are various software that can be used for video editing, but so far Adobe Premiere Pro is most popular among professionals and enthusiasts in all domains. From vloggers on YouTube, visual journalists, cinematographers to all kinds of industry professionals- Premiere Pro has a clear edge. Although you can accomplish similar objectives with other video editors, but Premiere Pro is an industry standard and somewhat easy to start with steeper learning curve if you want to dive deeper into specifics. Here you also has a leverage, you can easily integrate other Adobe cc tools such as After Effects, Audition and others on the go.

This course, is generally aimed for beginners who want to learn most of the video editing tools and techniques in Premiere Pro in quick and easy to implement steps. I hate long bogus lectures without any practical significance, and thus avoided any useless theory. I believe that a person can learn bests in form of actions, that’s why I created this course with pragmatic approach. And I would recommend you to perform exercises for all the lessons taught in this course.

Here you will learn methods for video editing in step wise manner with hands-on practical examples as below-

  • Adding video, image and other assets to the timeline
  • Cut, copy and move clips on the timeline
  • Change playback speed of the video and audio segment
  • Create Reverse video that plays backward in time
  • Adding text to the video for vlogs, documentaries and other projects
  • Adding various kinds of video transitions such as fade, dissolve, light, wipe reveal and much more
  • Using Effects control to change various properties for creating an animated video
  • Setting up keyframes for various properties such as opacity, scale, position, rotation and others using Effects control
  • Exporting video and sequence settings
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