Pro Logo Animation Tutorials


Pro Logo Animation Tutorials , Animate logos like a PRO.

What you”ll learn:

  • You’ll get to see how a PRO motion designer thinks and what techniques he use when animating logos.
  • You’ll boost your animation skills
  • You’ll get an insight into the logo animation process from scratch
  • You’ll beef up your creative chops and get better at thinking on your feet.


Free Mini-Tutorials Showing How to Create Animations for Logos:

  • Twitter & Threads
  • Cutting edge
  • SMPL Voice
  • Green Forest
  • Michael Dear

In my tutorials, you have the opportunity to peek behind the scenes at our PRO motion designers. See what animation techniques they use and how they think when creating animations.

You can also download the source animation project and explore and review the project on your own.

My studio (PIXALF) is engaged in creating logo animations every day.

Over 10 years, we’ve learned how to animate logos so that the client brings you money themselves and recommends you to their friends

Once I got it, how to boost my learning big time?

  • Just sneak a peek at the PROs

Guess it’s one of the sickest skills upgrade hacks I know of so far…

You gotta do more than just watch tutorials, you need to dig into the source files of a real-deal project.

That way, you don’t just get an eye-full, you get a solid grasp on why and when a particular technique is used.

But it’s gotta be actual projects for real clients, not those “PERFECT LOGOS” they flaunt in YouTube tutorials.

Real logos ain’t always that pretty or easy to animate.

That’s the real secret sauce that’ll give you an edge over the other motion designers.

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