Preparing to be a Christian Wife


Preparing to be a Christian Wife, Building a Foundation for Marriage: Cultivating Self-Love, Spirituality, and Wise Partner Choices.

Welcome to “Preparing to be a Christian Wife,” a transformative journey designed for single Christian women who are looking forward to marriage. This course provides a structured pathway to not only prepare for a godly marriage but also to cultivate a fulfilling, spiritually enriched personal life.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Personal Spirituality: Dive deep into your faith, understanding how a robust spiritual life can profoundly impact every aspect of your future marriage and beyond.
  2. Therapy and Emotional Health: Address past traumas and learn conflict resolution techniques. Explore relationships dynamics, forgiveness, and how to overcome bitterness to ensure you are emotionally ready for marriage.
  3. Self-Love: Discover the importance of self-care, including how to nurture your physical, emotional, and spiritual health through exercise, balanced diet, daily prayer, and journaling.
  4. Life Skills Learning: Boost your practical life skills that make you a great partner and mother.
  5. Financial Preparation: Understand the essentials of financial stewardship. Learn to invest, save, and manage finances wisely to ensure a secure future and gain independence.
  6. Choosing the Right Partner: Gain insights into the qualities to look for in a potential husband. Learn to assess a man’s ambition, spiritual life, respect for women, and his overall character.
  7. Understanding Intimacy and Relationships: Discuss and understand expectations around intimacy, ensuring mutual respect and growth within the marriage.

This course is packed with actionable insights and framed within a Christian worldview, offering you the tools to develop personally, prepare for a healthy relationship, and build a strong foundation for a future family. Whether you’re just starting to think about marriage or are actively seeking to deepen your readiness for a lifelong commitment, this course will empower and educate you in a supportive, faith-based community.

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