PowerPoint course – The “KING of PowerPoint Presentation”


PowerPoint course – The “KING of PowerPoint Presentation” , Fantastic professional PowerPoint presentation in 30 minutes. In one course from zero to master of PowerPoint.

What you”ll learn:

  • Create the fantastic professional PowerPoint presentation slide by slide without special skills
  • To make plan and script of PowerPoint presentation.
  • Working with a template of PowerPoint presentation
  • Writing text for title and subtitle for PowerPoint presentations
  • Be able to write strong and emotional text for PowerPoint presentation
  • Choose and create PowerPoint presentation designs as a highly qualified specialist
  • Change design color schemes in PowerPoint presentation. Change colors for object, text and etc.
  • Working with fonts in a PowerPoint presentation. The size, color, format, etc.
  • Working with photos in PowerPoint presentation. Crop, edit, transform, apply filters and more
  • Create slides photos gallery of PowerPoint
  • Working with video in PowerPoint presentation. Trim, edit, transform and more
  • Using Device Mockup for PowerPoint slides
  • PowerPoint presentation slide transitions
  • Animation of PowerPoint presentation objects
  • Microsoft PowerPoint infographics. Graphs and charts in PowerPoint presentation. Data and design.
  • Visualization of PowerPoint presentation slides using Icons
  • How to generate and add in PowerPoint Presentation QR code
  • Export the PowerPoint presentation in video format (mp4) or format Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
  • Configuring Microsoft PowerPoint for easily using

Course Description


Need to make a professional PowerPoint presentation with a great design?

No skills to create design presentations in PowerPoint?

This King PowerPoint presentation course is for you!

In this course, you will learn how, slide by slide, to create a great PowerPoint presentation without professional skills.

Lesson by lesson, I will teach how to create a great PowerPoint presentation quickly and without additional knowledge.

The course KING of PowerPoint Presentation is created using new AI technologies. The course is fully digital and animated.

In a convenient and accessible way, you will easily learn the skills of working at Microsoft PowerPoint.

After completing my course, you will be able to make professional-grade presentations.

Plus, you can earn money by making custom presentations for clients.

During the course,  you will learn how to make amazing presentations using the basic functions of Microsoft PowerPoint.

From the course The “KING of PowerPoint Presentation” you will learn:

  • How to prepare to create a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Selection of videos and pictures for PowerPoint presentation.
  • How to create a script for your PowerPoint presentation. I have attached a sample PowerPoint presentation script to my lessons. This will help you quickly write your presentation script.
  • Optimal presentation duration.
  • Tips for speaking to the audience with a presentation.
  • What to say and what to show during a presentation.
  • How to prepare a template of PowerPoint presentation. Delete, duplicate, move slides, and etc.
  • How to write texts for PowerPoint presentation.
  • Fonts, size, color, style, effects, and much more…
  • Add pictures to your PowerPoint presentation. Edit pictures – move, transform, transparent, crop, apply various filters, and much more…
  • How to insert and edit videos. How to add a frame to a video. Transform the video. Trim the video. And much more…
  • Create and change the background of the slide of the PowerPoint presentation. Apply different effects to the background.
  • QR code with any needed information for the PowerPoint presentation.
  • Сreate slide transitions of PowerPoint presentation.
  • How to animate objects for PowerPoint presentation.
  • How to use colors and use color themes in PowerPoint.
  • Save the PowerPoint presentation in PDF or mp4 video format with many options.
  • Presenter mode. Notes for slides. Black and white mode and much more…

In the PowerPoint course, I will show a lot of different effects that will make your presentation beautiful and interesting.

I will tell you how to choose the optimal length of time for a presentation.  How to keep the audience’s attention.

I will give a lot of practical advice in my course.

And the most important thing is that after completing my course the “KING of PowerPoint Presentation”. Everyone will be able to make presentations at PowerPoint like a professional designer.

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