Power Transformer Fundamentals


Power Transformer Fundamentals, This course will teach you all the fundamentals of Power Transformer.

We all might understand how transformer operates but when it comes to its winding connections for Power Transformer, we rarely delve into these theories due to confusing and complex calculations. This course aims to teach you the fundamentals of power transformer, making these connections understandable for you.

I will start this course by explaining the basics of Delta Wye connected transformer, how line to ground voltage can be related to line to line voltage and the practical examples to connect theory with practical life. This module will help you to understand the complex theory behind the Delta Wye transformer connection as I aim to build your strong concept through phasor diagrams. After this module you will be able to draw Delta Wye connection of transformer. By the end of this part, you will have a strong idea on voltage phasor diagram for delta connected transformer. In this module, different types of phasor diagram are compared with each other. I add on value by explaining how the transformer name is designated and the problems that come up with this designation.

Once you are familiar with the calculation and phasor representation of voltage and current quantities for Delta Wye connected transformer, I will introduce you to Wye Wye transformer connection. In this module, you will learn all the confusing theory of Wye Wye transformer connection from very scratch. This section will teach you how Wye connection is made on windings of transformer, what are different ways to configure Wye connection. To give you a better understanding of Wye Wye transformer connection, I discussed the difference of line and phase current in both windings of transformer. Furthermore, you will learn how voltage and current quantities are calculated in addition with the rules for balanced system, and how balanced sets are created by phasors.

Lastly, I will explain Circulating Currents and Voltages for Delta Wye connected transformer. Very simple power system is modelled as an example to calculate current and voltages during a faulted condition. For the practical model, you will learn how to calculate both phase and sequence current and voltages, how to relate sequence network diagram with hand-calculated short circuit currents. Furthermore, you will learn how current flows through the Delta Wye transformer connection. And how the High Voltage side of the system differs from the Low Voltage side.

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See you on the other side. Thank you and take care.

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