Polish Course. Polish language. Learn Polish at home 1


Polish Course. Polish language. Learn Polish at home 1, Learn how to learn languages. You don’t have to travel to become a Polyglot. Learn Polish at home. The complete method.

The Polish language is full of grammar rules. Types of nouns and adjectives, verb conjugation, case: you won’t find any of this in English. When there are many rules, they can be overwhelming. But you can avoid it. In this course, you will learn to speak without knowing all the grammar rules. You will learn words in context, which will allow you to use the language correctly from the very beginning, and in the meantime, step by step, you will get acquainted with some grammatical issues that will gradually explain the secrets of the Polish language. No more too many rules, no more boring grammar tables, only useful information for all those who don’t plan to travel yet, but want to start using the Polish language while staying at home. Polish can be difficult, but only for those who make it difficult. The specification of this language requires a special method to learn it. If you start with all the rules you’ll get confused. There are too many. But you can start speaking without knowing them all, and then discover the rules gradually.

If you can, and want to, travel right now, visit our beautiful country and learn Polish from us by doing things you like to do the most. But if you can’t or simply don’t want to leave your place, learn Polish first. Use vocabulary and phrases included in this course to make a simple conversation wherever you are. Don’t learn words you won’t be using soon. You’ll forget them anyway. In this course, you won’t find words about eating in a restaurant, booking hotels, or asking for directions. You won’t need them if you don’t plan to travel to Poland right now. But you’ll learn to talk about yourself and your surroundings. You’ll learn to speak with another person. Without even needing to buy a plane ticket. And if the Polish language inspires you to visit Poland one day you’ll only have to learn some words about traveling. And that is all you’ll have to do because you’ll be speaking confidently already.

Level 2 soon on Udemy.

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