Phrasal Verbs Master Class | Conversational English Skills


Phrasal Verbs Master Class | Conversational English Skills, Improve your vocabulary with the phrasal verbs that you need to master English.

Welcome to the Phrasal Verbs Master Class where you can learn conversational English language skills to take your English to a higher level.

In this course, you will learn the meaning and usage of hundreds of phrasal verbs in English. You’ll also learn how to use them with real-life examples to consolidate your knowledge.

This is a unique course in English phrasal verbs that serves as excellent help for intermediate, advanced and proficient learners of English who want to improve their conversational English skills.

You will be learning with Michael Davies, one of the most experienced and knowledgeable English language tutors in the world today. Based in the UK, Michael has worked with thousands of English language learners around the world and has taught at some of the world’s biggest organisations including Google, Facebook, Baker McKenzie, Cisco and Goldman Sachs.

Michael uses his skills as a language coach to train you to remember and use crucial phrasal verbs that are used daily by native speakers around the world. Using his unique method of teaching, you’ll gain valuable understanding of how to use these phrasal verbs in your daily life.

The course also contains several exercises to aid your knowledge of this important area of English. You can use these exercises to help you to build your knowledge and achieve mastery in English.

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