Personal Productivity Mastery – Essentialism Practical Guide


Personal Productivity Mastery – Essentialism Practical Guide, Block the noice & filter the tasks that are absolutely essential. Nothing less, nothing more!


About Instructor:

Aman Varma has undergone accredited course training in CBT practitioner, Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Mental Health Practitioner, NLP Specialist Practitioner, Diploma in Psychological Counseling and Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology.

In this course, you’ll learn to create a process that makes getting the essential things done as effortless as possible.

This course will show you how to live a life true to yourself, not the life others expect from you. It will teach you a method for being more efficient, productive, and effective in both personal and professional realms. It will teach you a systematic way to discern what is important, eliminate what is not, and make doing the essential as effortless as possible. In short, it will teach you how to apply the disciplined pursuit of less to every area of your life. Here’s how:

There are four parts to the course. The first outlines the core mindset of an Essentialist or Minimalist. The next three turn the mindset into a systematic process for the disciplined pursuit of less, one you can use in any situation or endeavor you encounter.

If you are interested in minimalism this course is for you. If you are confused, tired of too many things, and want to start an afresh life then this course is for you. If your life’s closet is disorganized and stuffed then this course if for you.

You’ll learn:

  1. Learn practical strategies to gain clarity on the things you need to focus on
  2. Learn to cut out non-essentials from your life using effective methods
  3. Learn to decide your priorities and stick to them
  4. Learn how to meet your deadlines and set realistic goals
  5. Learn how to balance professional and work-life
  6. Learn how to select opportunities without getting lost
  7. Learn how to say “no” to almost everything that isn’t essential
  8. Learn how you can contribute your best self in the world
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