Personal Productivity – Do Less and Accomplish More


Personal Productivity – Do Less and Accomplish More, Discover where you’re losing time to unnecessary complexity and eradicate it for more impactful workflows and meetings.

Sometimes the most complex tasks are the ones we do every day, often all day! This course teaches you how to streamline daily work processes such as decision-making, meetings, and emails to save time for you and your team members. Learn how to enhance your productivity and reclaim your time back. Boost performance by streamlining processes to enhance efficiency. You will learn to manage your time effectively by Identifying low-value tasks to free up valuable time. The course will teach you techniques to reduce emails to minimize daily distractions in your inbox.

Focused work is the new multitasking – and we guarantee it will improve your mood and your performance! This course teaches teams how to do less busy work and accomplish more meaningful work by using techniques from successfully simplified companies. You will learn to focus, eliminate, and say no more often. You will shift your mindset towards doing less to accomplish more. Create space for strategic work by eliminating clutter and prioritizing one task at a time for better results. You will recognize when to decline tasks to make time for high-priority work.

Discover where you’re losing time to unnecessary complexity and eliminate it to complete more meaningful work. Say goodbye to wasted effort and hello to increased productivity.

Meetings, while important, can often consume a significant portion of our workdays— but are they truly the most effective use of our time? This course teaches how to avoid wasting time by setting guidelines and boundaries that ensure that your meetings are both productive and impactful.

The course will teach you to how to design your meetings strategically. Your meetings will become more impactful by designating decision-makers ahead of time and empowering your team to simplify decision-making. Make the process streamlined so decisions become as seamless as possible. Teams lose time every day to complex processes that create unnecessary bottlenecks. Learn to foster simplicity within your meetings, presentations, and teams to amplify the impact and results of your meetings.

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