Pay-Per-Call Mastery-Step by Step training


Pay-Per-Call Mastery-Step by Step training , Generate more income from fewer clients | Implement Pay Per Call For Your Digital Marketing Agency in 2022.

Course Description

You don’t have to limit yourself to monthly retainers anymore.  I saw an significant increase in income after switching to this model for my Digital Agency.  I got really tired of needing to close several clients in order to just skip by with my agency each month. This was the point when I looked into to the pay per call model.

I figured out that pay per call not only got me past initial client objections such as them bieng cautious  about to paying upfront especially when they have been burned by other agencies but it also worked out for me to start getting paid on a weekly basis instead of monthly.

Ask yourself which one is better, getting paid once a month for your results OR getting paid weekly for each of one of your individual results?  If your answer is the latter then pay per call is for you.

Am I a millionaire because of it yet ? No!  but I am on my way and living very comfortable.

Do you find it hard to obtain clients and scale your business at the moment because:

  • Potential clients don’t want to fork over thousands of dollars to someone they don’t know
  • Its hard to acquire potential clients because you do not have a large online/social media presence
  • You are on a budget and have almost no money to spend on advertising
  • You are an introvert and do not have the time or patience to do cold calling
  • You want to become a master of generating leads for a niche
  • You have taken other courses and ended up more confused then before you took them
  • You want to generate results for your clients without having to build up a social media presence

Then this business model is for you. Start your agency off in 2020 with a FRESH start.

You need to work smarter not harder.

If you have not yet found success in Digital Marketing it could be because you need to attract your potential clients in another way. Many of the old sales tactics with having a customer pay a retainer upfront are getting harder to push through especially if your agency does not have s strong reputation. The pay per lead business model helps you push through those objections and help you land more clients

In my course you will learn:

  • Why pay per lead is more profitable and easier to implement than the traditional monthly retainer model.
  • How to search and acquire pay per lead clients.
  • How to invoice them.
  • How to set up Google Call ads for your clients-Step by Step
  • Bonus Cold email template
  • Bonus voice messaging template
  • What to look for and when to follow up with a potential client

    The amount you charge per lead/phone call is up to you.

This course is however NOT for you if:

  • You want to make fast money without putting in time or much effort
  • You think you will get results over night
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