Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Essentials certification 2021


Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Essentials certification 2021, best practice Tests for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Essentials certification 2021.

this course cover all E-Business Suite (EBS) Essentials certification topics

Navigating in R12 Oracle Applications

  • Log in to Oracle Applications
  • Navigate from Personal Home Page to Applications
  • Choose a responsibility
  • Create Favorites and set Preferences
  • Use Forms and Menus
  • Enter data using Forms
  • Search for data using Forms
  • Access online Help
  • Run and monitor Reports and Programs

Log out of Oracle Applications

Introduction to Oracle Applications R12

  • Explain the footprint of R12 E-Business Suite
  • Describe the benefits of R12 E-Business Suite

Describe R12 E-Business Suite architecture

Shared Entities and Integration

  • Explain shared entities within R12 E-Business Suite
  • Describe key integration points and business flows between products in E-Business Suite (EBS)

Identify Key Business Flows and products involved in E-Business Suite (EBS)

Fundamentals of Flexfields

  • Describe Flexfields and their components
  • Identify the steps to implement a Flexfield
  • Define value sets and values
  • Define Key Flexfields
  • Define Descriptive Flexfields

Fundamentals of Multi-Org

  • Describe the types of organizations supported in the Multi-Org model
  • Explain the entities of Multi-Org
  • Explain how Multi-Org secures data
  • Identify key implementation considerations for Multi-Org
  • Define Multi-Org Access Control
  • Explain Multi-Org preferences
  • Explain Enhanced Multiple-Organization Reporting
  • Explain the concepts of subledger accounting

Fundamentals of Workflow and Alerts

  • Explain Workflow concepts

Describe the benefits of Workflow



The Oracle EBS practice leverages and unifies core EBS modules that consist of a collection of supply chain management (SCM), manufacturing, customer relationship management (CRM), and enterprise resource planning (ERP) computer applications. It also comprises the Human Resources Management System (HRMS), database technologies (engines for Java, .NET, XML, RDBMS, and PL/SQL), and the “technology stack” (which includes the Oracle Forms and Reports Servers, Oracle Discoverer, Apache Web Server, and Jinitiator). It also consists of edge products such as Demantra, OTM, Primavera, and OPH as well as cloud products like Fusion Apps, Oracle Taleo, and Fusion Accounting Hub.

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