Operating System Fundamentals


Operating System Fundamentals , Gaining basic knowledge about operating systems and RTOS.

What you”ll learn:

  • Learn what is an OS and why to use it
  • Learn about Memory/Storage/Process management
  • Learn about OS main components
  • Learn about OS Process, Scheduling and Inter-Process Communication
  • Learn about RTOS and FreeRTOS


Gaining basic knowledge about operating systems (OS) and RTOS (Real Time Operating System) which is an essential knowledge in both C programming and Embedded systems programming field and in software engineering field in general. Course topics include various technical skills as follows:

Section 1 which includes Intro to OS (Operating System), What is an OS, Why to use an OS, OS (Operating System) main components, Memory management, Storage management, Process management, Protection and security and Abstraction layer for every resource. with the following videos:

Intro to OS (Operating System)

OS Main Components

Section 2 which includes OS Process, What is a process, Scheduling, Scheduling algorithms, Inter-Process Communication, Memory Management. with the following videos:

Process and Scheduling

Scheduling Types

Scheduling Algorithms

Shortest Job Next Scheduling

Priority Based Scheduling

Shortest Remaining Time Scheduling

Round Robin Scheduling

Inter-Process Communication

Synchronization in IPC (Inter-Process Communication)

Deadlock Handling

Memory Management

Section 2 which includes RTOS (Real Time Operating System) Concepts, What is RTOS (Real Time Operating System), RTOS characteristics, Hard and soft real time, Rate monotonic scheduling, Using FreeRTOS. with the following videos:

Intro to RTOS (Real Time Operating System)

Rate Monotonic Scheduling

Intro to FreeRTOS

Using FreeRTOS with AVR

Define OS Tasks

Finalizing Project

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