.Net Basic Course 2 – Introduction to .net with programming


.Net Basic Course 2 – Introduction to .net with programming , C-Sharp Basics part 2.

What you”ll learn:

  • Basics of .net using visual studio and console. They will be introduced to the world of programming using c# .net. You can learn c# .net coding syntax which will help to become an expert. You will also learn the basics of Visual Studio interface.


This .NET Programming training course provides hands-on experience creating software for Microsoft’s .NET (Windows platform) using the Visual Studio development environment. Starting with the most fundamental elements of computer programming, the training evolves to leverage development techniques sufficient to produce a complete web application including the user interface, business logic and data access layers.You learn how to write code using  C#; create ASP.NET Web applications and process Web forms and build SQL Server databases and access them using ADO.NET.

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