Movie Trailer & TV Commercial FX in Adobe Premiere Pro


Movie Trailer & TV Commercial FX in Adobe Premiere Pro, Some easy and basic effects seen in movie trailers and TV commercials to increase your video creativity.

10 Basic Lessons to point out what you can also do to add some flare and style to your videos.


SHAPE OF WATER MOVIE TRAILER – So how many cuts are there in a movie trailer? It’s a good lesson to first watch a trailer and see exactly what is going on before you decide to make a movie trailer yourself. We count the number of cuts and when they take place. How long is an image on the screen before we see the next one show up? This may surprise you.

OCEAN’S 8 MOVIE TRAILER – Here we see another cropping effect used in the trailer along with a video layer that plays underneath. They also add in a color red over the video. I show you the basics on how this is done.

“POW” LIKE BATMAN = Add in some pow graphics FX into your video with some decals that are placed in the screen.

BLACK PANTHER COMIC EFFECT – A very simple idea for a Facebook promo ad where you can cut out an image.


MAKE A NETFLIX OPENER – We see these cool intros with layers all the time. This will paint the picture for how to start something like this, with the most basic essentials.

HBO’s TRUE DETECTIVE – This explores the TV show and its opening sequence. I copy it with similar layers and use opacity to demonstrate how this can be done.

STRANGER THINGS – I examine the opening sequence here with the glowing red titles and also give you some history on how they filmed it. You can do this same type of thing in Adobe Premiere Pro.


T-MOBILE COMMERCIAL – We examine a title and cropping effect they place over the video and the color pink they always use for their brand.

OLD NAVY STORE PROMO – Using textures and layers and jump-cuts you will be able to make an in-store promo.

JEEP COMMERCIAL – Using the Razor Blade Tool to give you a strobe effect found in the commerical.

*This content uses the Legacy Titler at times on a previous version of Premiere that they no longer use, but typing with the “T” now in the toolbar will give you the same opportunities.

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