MOS EXCEL EXPERT 77-728 Exam Preparation


MOS EXCEL EXPERT 77-728 Exam Preparation, Ultimate Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) test preparation training course.

This preparation course is for the Microsoft Office Specialist exam for Excel, at the expert level, 77-728.  If you think you are ready to take the Microsoft exam and get  certified, these practice tests will prove that you know your stuff.  Take these tests before taking the real ones to identify your weaknesses, or give you the confidence to spend the money to sit for the  real test.

In these practice tests, you’ll download a set of worksheets and be  asked to perform tasks to prove that you know the advanced elements of  Excel. The questions are based on the official exam requirements, and  were prepared by Umer Farooq – a certified MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) Excel expert and MOS Master.

These questions are tough. They’re based on what you might see in the  real exam, and every effort has been made to simulate the exam  environment.

There is also a project-based test that are a very close simulation to the project-based portion of the real exam.

You’ll get lifetime access to these questions. No 30-day expiry on  these ones. Once you buy this, it’s yours. Take your time and prepare  for the exam, and use these tests to prove you’re ready.

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