Mobile Software Testing Guide for Manual QA Engineer


Mobile Software Testing Guide for Manual QA Engineer, Improve knowledge of mobile software testing, explore it specific for manual QA, and level up a quality of your testing.

Hi everyone. This course is about Mobile Software testing, testing which except general software testing types for both Web and Mobile testing, includes mobile-specific testing applicable only the mobile applications and websites and we explain them in detail to improve the work of a manual tester.

The course will be useful for testers:

1. Absolute beginners in Software Testing who want to take the first steps in Mobile Software Testing

2. Experienced software testers who want to recall the basic knowledge of Mobile Software Testing and learn something new in this topic.

For that reason, we prepared 3 things:

1. We answer to the General question of the mobile testing:

  • What mobile testing is and why it is important?
  • What are the Different Types of Mobile Devices?
  • What’s the difference between Native vs. Web vs. Hybrid Apps?
  • What versions of Android and iOS are currently in use on the market?

2. Since mobile testing has its characteristics, second thing we have prepared an explanation of Mobile-specific testing and answers to the following questions:

  • What are installation tests and uninstall tests?
  • What is an updated test?
  • What mobile interruption testing is?

Each video of mobile-specific testing consists of several real-life examples, which show the most common bugs that the QA engineer might encounter during a specific type of testing.

Also, the course includes the Mobile Testing Checklist for each type of mobile testing.

3. We have prepared an overview of Mobile testing tools, where we will answer the question:

  • What mobile tools do you know?

Then we will explain two popular mobile testing tools such as Android Studio for the Android platform and Xcode for the iOS platform, demonstrating several basic practical functions of these tools that testers can use in their work.

We hope you will enjoy the course and feel free to write reviews and opinions on which tools you would like to overview next, we will prioritize and add them to the full version of the course.

Prepare a cup of coffee or another favorite drink and enjoy the course!

Hope to see you in the first lecture!

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