Mobile App Development for Special Needs People


Mobile App Development for Special Needs People, Specifically tailored step by step for the Special Needs community whose hidden talents only needs uncovering.


This Digital Tech training course is part of a series of various other classes made Specifically for Special Needs People.

The Special Needs people are mainly those who are Autistic, Dyslexic, having Down Syndrome, Asperger’s, Cerebral Palsy and various others.

The Special Needs people are known to have exceptional talents, which only need to be uncovered. However, once their hidden talents are tapped, they are capable of producing wonders.

Unfortunately, they are rarely given fair chances i.e. be it in schools, community or work place due to their ‘perceived’ limitations and inabilities. The Covid-19 situation has further narrowed their options to earn a living since there are more people now seeking jobs and alternative opportunities to earn a living.

Our main motive is to train them to enable to be self-sustainable and not to be dependent on any donations on handouts from anyone.

If you are looking for an easy mobile app development course for people with special needs then you are at the right place!

The Mobile App Development course consists of 26 lectures which comprises of introductory videos, exercises and tutorials that would help our students familiarize themselves with the basic blocks available on MIT app inventor.

Our lectures are focused on the individual blocks and the built-in functions that are provided under said blocks. For instance, math block embodies other blocks related to maths such as sqrt, bitwise, quotient, +,- etc.

The lectures briefly highlights how each block can be used by giving simple explanations and examples, hence students can use these blocks to perform tasks as needed. At the end of the lectures, tutorials are provided to students in the form of lectures, these tutorials can be followed through to see a complete design. The students would have the general idea of how to use those blocks on their personal projects once the course is completed.

We have had a wonderful journey in training these special needs people throughout these years. It has been wonderful to see our students growing from Zero to Heroes.

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