Mirthful Introduction to Mirth Connect – Working with Mirth


Mirthful Introduction to Mirth Connect – Working with Mirth , Learning about the Mirth Connect Software and Interface Engine functionality in general and use Mirth Connect.

What you”ll learn:

  • Get a Basic Idea of Interface Engines and Why they are Used
  • Ability to Install and Configure the Mirth Engine
  • Understand Mirth, it’s Features and Architecture
  • Use and Maintain the Mirth Engine in a Production Environment

Course Description

Mirth Connect is a popular Interface Engine in the Healthcare industry and IT teams working in the Healthcare industry will at some point come across Mirth Connect especially due to the popularity of HL7 in the Healthcare world. Mirth Connect can be used for a wide range of integration applications beyond any particular industry and this course will be particularly useful for Integration engineers and testers as well as support personnel, and for professionals working in the Healthcare IT industry.

This course provides a firm foundation and a comprehensive introduction enabling anyone to learn Mirth Connect easily. It covers everything from the fundamentals upwards starting from introducing the learner to the idea of interface engines and what they do and what currently available interface engine software are. Learners will get to know what Mirth Connect is about what its architecture is like and how it functions, it introduces learners to the concept of a channel how channels work and the role of channels in Mirth Connect.

Upon completion of this course learners will be able to analyze the Mirth Connect dashboard, search messages, debug errors, work with the server manager, set channel input sources, set channel output destinations, import channels and export channels. Thus this course will allow learners to work with Mirth Connect or understand Mirth Connect in a production or customer environment.

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