Mini Course on Effective Communications Skills


Mini Course on Effective Communications Skills , Exploring Communication Fundamentals: Understanding the Process and Principles.

What you”ll learn:

  • Students will delve into the fundamental principles of communication, gaining insights into the intricate process of exchanging information.
  • They will learn to strategically select communication channels, understanding how to effectively convey messages through various mediums.
  • Additionally, students will explore the richness of formal communication channels and discern when to utilize informal methods for optimal impact.
  • Through exercises, they will grasp the importance of considering receiver perspectives and mastering active listening techniques for meaningful conversations.

Course Description

In this comprehensive course, we’ll delve deep into the essential skills and strategies needed to become a master communicator. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. Understanding the Communication Process: Gain insights into the fundamental elements of communication, from encoding and decoding messages to feedback loops and noise reduction techniques.
  2. Strategic Communication: Choosing Channels Wisely: Learn how to select the most appropriate communication channels for different scenarios, considering factors like audience preferences, message complexity, and desired outcomes.
  3. Channel Richness in Formal Communication: Explore the concept of channel richness and its impact on formal communication settings. Discover how to leverage various channels, from face-to-face meetings to written documentation, to enhance message clarity and engagement.
  4. Navigating Informal Communication Methods: Get practical guidance on when and how to use informal communication methods effectively. Learn strategies for fostering open dialogue, building rapport, and navigating sensitive conversations.
  5. Experiential Learning Exercise: Put your newfound knowledge into practice with hands-on exercises designed to reinforce key concepts and hone your communication skills in real-world scenarios.

By understanding the pillars of communication, appreciating receiver perspectives, listening loudly, and mastering the art of questioning, you’ll be equipped to communicate confidently and effectively in any situation. Join us and unlock the secrets to impactful communication success!

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