Microsoft Powerpoint BootCamp Storytelling-Design-Animation


Microsoft Powerpoint BootCamp Storytelling-Design-Animation, Master Powerpoint Presentations and Increase office productivity.

Learning how to use Microsoft PowerPoint is one thing but applying it to give great presentations is a totally different game. No presentations are good unless they consider what the audience requires to know and do so most effectively.

This course does exactly that, it not only teaches you the tools but also how to use them to deliver results.

We will apply, apply, apply!

By the end of this course, you would have learned all the necessary tools in Microsoft PowerPoint including master layouts, transitions, smart arts, animation, fonts, summary zoom, images, and more.

And does without no cost.

In a week’s time if you have limited time per day then you will be able to

· Create a storyline for the presentation

· Create a master layout with relevant fonts

· Design the best possible looking presentation

· Create presenter views

· Create animations

· Create transitions

· Use smart arts

· Use charts with animation.

The material is made easy, in very easy-to-understand language for even students coming from any background

The most unique part about this course is

· High-quality HD Content

· Knowledgeable product manager with 15 years experience

· Case studies that are practical and experiential

· Test yourself on concepts

· Support that you get 24 x 7 for your queries

Why should you learn this course?

No matter whether you are a full-time accountant or just an IT professional working on developing great presentations is not limited to a field or role. Everyone needs to learn it Most jobs will test you on the basics of accounting before digging deeper into advanced concepts.

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