Microsoft Power BI Desktop, the Basics


Microsoft Power BI Desktop, the Basics, Dismantling the Secrets of Power BI Desktop.

Why Power BI Desktop and Why the Basics? I strongly believe that if you want to master Power BI, you need to start with the basics of Power BI Desktop. By doing so, you will have a strong foundation and the upcoming concepts will be easier to understand. Remember, everything starts with Power BI Desktop! This free Microsoft application is widely used in the business intelligence world and it is worth learning if you want to tell meaningful stories with your data.

“The Power BI Desktop, the Basics” course is designed for those who are totally new to Power BI and those who are already familiar with this tool but would like to have a better understanding of this powerful data analysis and visualization program.

The topics that you will be learning are the following:

1. Install and Run Power BI Desktop

2. Power BI Desktop Overview

3. Connect to Data

4. Shape Your Data with Power Query Editor

5. Create Visuals and Reports in Power BI Desktop

6. Share Your Work with Your Peers

7. Test Your Knowledge

8. Next Steps

In addition, you will have 6 quizzes and a final test to challenge yourself!

In the end, you will also get a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION as well!

Therefore, If you are ready to dive into Power BI, please join me on this journey!

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