Microsoft Excel Guru : Master VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP functions


Microsoft Excel Guru : Master VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP functions, How VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP will change your workflow and increase your professional skillset.

What you”ll learn:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to utilize Excel’s lookup functions, specifically VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP.
  2. Illustrate the importance of properly locking cells to enhance the ease and efficiency of formula dragging in Excel
  3. Apply the knowledge of VLOOKUP to merge different datasets, such as payroll data, salary lists, and inventory lists
  4. Evaluate and categorize items by assigning specific values based on bracket grouping principles
  5. Explore seven distinct scenarios where the application of XLOOKUP or VLOOKUP functions can significantly increase productivity, potentially saving hundreds of h
  6. Synthesize knowledge acquired in the course to design and execute a comprehensive data analysis project using various Excel functions.
  7. Exploring the nuances of when and how to apply VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP functions for maximum efficiency
  8. Use XLOOKUP function to bring multiple columns at once from a sheet to another


In this class we are going to learn the followings Microsoft Excel Functions :

    • It is a powerful function that everyone should know. It is very useful to merge lists coming from two different systems using a unique ID
    • The first Example is  when we have an employee list (one listing) and payroll data (second listing). We are going to find the employee salary based on the employee unique ID
    • The second example is when we have an inventory list (one listing) and inventory sales data (second listing). We want to know what is the remaining quantity , when the quantity sold is only on one of the two listings.
    • The third example is how to find customer data information using VLOOKUP. We are going to find customer information such as their name or email based on their customer ID from sales record.
    • It is a powerful function that came out in 2020 and will eventually completely replace VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP
    • Example #1 we are going to learn the basics of XLOOKUP and its difference versus VLOOKUP
    • Example #2 we are going to learn how to use XLOOKUP to assign bracket values to a specific values (I.e : if grade A is 80 to 100, then we are going to assign the “A” letter to every values between 80 and 100 in a few clicks only)
    • Example #3 we are going to merge two listings by bringing MULTIPLE COLUMNS at once from a listing to another.
  • Throughout the whole journey you are going to learn incredible Microsoft Excel Tips, Tricks and Hacks!
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