Microsoft Excel advanced: iterative calculation


Microsoft Excel advanced: iterative calculation , How Excel do calculations. How to avoid or fix circular reference. How to use iterative calculations for simple tasks.

What you”ll learn:

  • Calculation logic in Excel
  • Iterative calculations
  • Fixing circular reference
  • Preventing Iterative calculation

Course Description

Most Excel users are focused on learning functions and build-in tools and they are wrong! While understanding predefined ways and methods allows one to use the tool, you would never understand and accept it like a pro. And it is time to make this change!

Excel is a unique tool to create any report or calculation of any complexity. Your imagination and time are the only things that limit you in this way. Working with Excel we are usually concentrated on the calculation of different cell data. But sometimes it may be tricky.

The circular reference occurs when a formula directly or indirectly refers to its own cell. In most cases, you should receive an Error alert and fix it before progressing your calculations. It may be very annoying, especially when you are running calculations for big databases.

Why you may be interested in this course:

  • Learn how Excel does any and every calculation (explained in easy-to-understand language).
  • Circular Reference is not included in any Excel course for Beginners or Experts.
  • We are having a practical case where you may test yourself, before checking solutions.
  • 15000+ students enrolled with 100+ positive reviews.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. You do not like this course, return money shortly.
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