Metaverse Maestro Course for Beginners : Web 3.0 Course


Metaverse Maestro Course for Beginners : Web 3.0 Course, Learn about Metaverse and AR, VR, NFTs and Web 3.0 in 2 hours.

The Metaverse is the biggest revolution since the early days of the internet, I hope we all can agree with that and this revolution is at least 100X bigger and better than the Internet,

Metaverse- The most searched word on the internet, but what is it, and why you should be concerned about it in 2022 and further.

Well to know this I need to talk about the world of Cryptos and NFTs and Web 3.0, jpegs and pngs are selling for millions of dollars and we all are creating a virtual world where we can talk and walk and interact and sing and dance without even moving an inch from our physical spaces.

Sounds cool?

OK, Metaverse is a combination of the real and virtual world that can be experienced through AR and VR.

In this course, I am going to teach you everything you should know as a beginner about the Metaverse. It includes-

  1. What is a Metaverse?
  2. What is AR?
  3. What is VR
  4. Why AR is different from VR?
  5. What type of platforms supports Metaverse
  6. Is Metaverse harmful to us?
  7. How to discover great Metaverse projects?
  8. How Metaverse and NFTs and Cryptos are related to one another?
  9. How should you see Metaverse in general?
  10. Why your business needs Metaverse?
  11. How can you profit from Metaverse and Web 3.0 revolution?

I can’t wait to teach you the Metaverse Beginners Course and it’s free so let’s start the course now.

See you inside,


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