Mental Health First-Aid, Literacy, and Advocacy Course


Mental Health First-Aid, Literacy, and Advocacy Course, Mental Health First-Aid (MHFA), Psychology, Advocacy, Awareness, Self-Care, Intervention, Crisis Response, & Mindfulness.

Boost your resume and save lives. Learn applicable skills desired by employers, schools, and clubs

Practical Psychology

  • Mental Health First-Aid
    • Learn to support others in times of crisis using Mental Health First-Aid and conversation techniques
  • Psychology of Mental Wellbeing
    • Understand mental wellbeing and mental illness with research supported study material
  • Advocacy
    • Foster positive change in your community by running events and workshops, taking part in fundraisers, and advocating for policy changes

Learn Your Way

  • Boost your resume
  • HD instructional videos to keep students engaged in their learning
  • Study articles that explore the psychology of mental health
  • Quizzes that check your understanding as you learn
  • An opportunity to make positive change in your life and in the lives around you

Learn what it takes to make the world a more Mindful Planet

Discover the Mindful Planet Mental Health Ambassador course—a comprehensive training that brings potentially lifesaving knowledge within reach. We believe in making a positive impact by ensuring accessibility, breaking down barriers imposed by overwhelming costs.

Become a leader in your community as a Mental Health Ambassador, equipped with the knowledge, tools, and skills to drive positive change. Every small effort matters, and our course empowers you to make a meaningful difference.

Join us in sharing this transformative knowledge and becoming an advocate for mental health. Together, we can all make the world a more Mindful Planet!

Why our course over others?

  • Online. Anytime.
    • Don’t give up your whole weekend! This course is made up of videos, articles, and quizzes. All of which can be done anywhere at any time with lifetime access.
  • Standardized Learning
    • With a standardized curriculum that’s easy to follow, you know you’re getting the same quality education as each Mental Health Ambassador before you.
  • Highest value Mental Health course ever
    • Life saving knowledge should be accessible to all. Enroll without spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

This course is best for…

  • Teachers and guidance counsellors
  • Security personnel
  • Summer camp staff
  • Employers and HR professionals
  • Personal support services workers
  • Caregivers, parents, and mentors
  • Individuals looking to enhance their wellbeing
  • Those looking for applied psychology skills to boost their resume

Knowledge that lasts a lifetime

Investing in your mental health education is a gift that keeps on giving.

The valuable insights and practical techniques you acquire will serve you not only today but throughout your entire life.

You’ll develop a strong foundation of knowledge that empowers you to navigate your own mental health journey with confidence and compassion.

You’ll also be equipped to support others, making a lasting positive impact in their lives.

Invest in yourself and embrace the lifelong benefits of mental health education.

All for your benefit

  • Healthy Lifestyle
    • Learn about healthy, yet practical lifestyle changes to improve your well being
  • Mindfulness
    • Show empathy towards yourself and others with a heightened understanding of mental health
  • Self-Care
    • Prioritize your own well being as a Mental Health Ambassador using self-care techniques

Mental Health First-Aid

Mental Health First-Aid is a collaborative process which an individual and First-Aider follow a semi-structured process during times of distress, coming out on the other side with positive next steps.

7 Step System

  • Build Rapport and Trust
  • Explore the problem
  • Create a goal
  • Brainstorm next steps
  • Provide Support and referrals
  • Summary and close
  • Self-care and debrief

Better than ALGEES

Traditional mental health first-aid courses like to use the ALGEES. While effective, students may lack confidence with its broad approach.

Our semi-structured approach created and developed after professional resources allows first-aiders to confidently guide an individual through their crisis, all while assessing for risk of suicide and self-harm throughout.

The risks of leaving before enrolling

It’s not just that this course provides benefit, but what if…?

  • You encounter a scenario of imminent risk before enrolling?
  • You never unlock the capability to maximize your well being?
  • Your desired position is given elsewhere because you lack applied skills?

How this course benefits EVERYONE!

Mental Health Ambassadors elevate themselves to another level while boosting those around them.

  • Show empathy towards others in time of need
  • Direct individuals to the proper professional resources
  • Advocate for mental health and positive change in your community!
  • Break stigmas and mental health misconceptions through education

A safer world is ahead.

Together, we can all make the world a more Mindful Planet.

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