Material’s Science for the beginners


Material’s Science for the beginners, Know the materials which is a main key behind the human evolution.

Course is design to give basic understanding of materials to anyone with any type of background. In this course the main focus is given to the materials which have potential to change the lifestyle with technological advancement. In the beginning the superconductors will be introduced which have changed the world in very dramatic way. After that Magnetic materials will be introduced which is now part of our day to day life. After that Dielectric Materials will be introduced which is again need of our day to day life and our electronic gadgets are useless without them. At the end spintronic materials will be introduced which have huge potential to revolutionize our present world. The materials which are going to be discussed in the course are most prominent and are of interest for the many research working in this field. The storage devices, electronic gadgets and technology available now is mainly because of the available magnetic and dielectric materials. On the other hand superconductors are the pillar behind the state of the art technologies available in this era like quantum computers, large hadron collider etc. Technology is developing day by day and requirement of prominent materials is increasing. Spintronic materials are the same whose electronic and magnetic nature is coupled because of which they can be used in spintronic devices. Vary rare materials have potential to show such type of nature.

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