Mastering the Android System Design Interview


Mastering the Android System Design Interview, Tips on how to master your mobile system design interview at FAANG companies – plus 2 extensive mock interviews!


Prepare for and master your mobile system design interview at one of the big FAANG companies, whether it be Google or Apple. Get a detailed walkthrough of several important topics asked in these interviews, and tips and tricks from a Tech Lead of a Google Developer Agency. Stefan started developing Android apps – almost from Android’s birth – in 2011, and since then had to design and develop a handful of Android apps. During that time he also walked through system design interviews at FAANG companies by himself and therefore wants to share his experience in this course.

Mobile technical interviews at big tech companies are quite challenging and the mobile system design part is often the most unclear and demanding part. Many learning resources on the Internet cover backend system design, but there are very limited resources available for mobile system design. This course brings light to mobile system design interviews and gets you prepared for landing your dream job at one of the big tech companies. Despite the course being especially targeted at Android, most concepts are also applicable to iOS.

About 6 hours of on-demand video content will cover what you need to know for your mobile system design interview:

  • Discussion of most important networking concepts, background work, and failure handling
  • Choosing the right networking protocol/technology among polling, web sockets, server-sent events, REST, gRPC, GraphQL, REST, Push Notifications, and more for the given use case
  • Learn about different pagination techniques for large amounts of data
  • Overview of storage types including the file system, preferences, SQL and NoSQL databases, and secure storage, and learn when to use which
  • Learn how to scale your app and backend for billions of users by taking into account concepts of connectivity, data cost, device ranges, battery consumption, responsive UI, app startup time, and memory footprints
  • Techniques on how to build an offline-capable app
  • Get advice on the process and timing of mobile system design interviews
  • Interview strategies for structuring your system design interview
  • Two extensive mock interviews with real-world mobile system design interview questions, from requirements definition to high-level and detailed design
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