Master the Scrum Events: Build Solid Foundation for Success


Master the Scrum Events: Build Solid Foundation for Success , Learn tried-and-tested Agile Scrum techniques and best practices to elevate your role and amplify your contributions.

What you’ll learn

  • Grasp the underlying significance and benefits of the Scrum events (Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Backlog Refinement, Sprint Review, and Retrospective)
  • Acquire strategies and proven methods for effectively guiding each Scrum event.
  • How to lead Sprint Planning – Part 1 (Team Commitment) using proven methods and techniques for a successful session.
  • How to lead Sprint Planning – Part 2 (Tasking) using proven methods and techniques for a successful session.
  • Master strategies for efficient team backlog refinement.
  • How to size/estimate the team product backlog using relative comparison
  • How to employ Planning Poker to tap into the “Wisdom of the Crowd,” sidestep anchoring biases, and achieve team consensus when estimating the product backlog
  • How to conduct a seamless Sprint review/demo: steps for preparation, execution, and follow-up.
  • Delve into various Retrospective formats to foster deeper understanding of team members’ perspectives.
  • Master the techniques for successful Retrospective facilitation: from preparation to execution and follow-up.
  • How to employ tools like Ideaboardz and Microsoft Whiteboard for effective Retrospective facilitation.


This in-depth course combines theoretical knowledge with practical insights and is designed to ensure you’re well-equipped to help enhance your team’s coordination, collaboration, communication, and alignment to enable optimal facilitation of the Scrum events. The techniques and best practices shared within the lectures have been curated from the instructor’s 14+ years of hands-on experience working with numerous teams and organizations.

Course Highlights:

  1. Sprint Planning:
    • Dive into the significance and objectives of Sprint Planning.
    • Explore efficient techniques to prioritize items from the product backlog.
    • Understand roles, responsibilities, and the framework that drives a productive planning session.
  2. Daily Scrum:
    • Discover the purpose and structure of this crucial daily touchpoint.
    • Delve into best practices to ensure focused, concise, and outcome-driven Daily Scrum.
    • Learn the importance of tracking impediments and how to address them efficiently.
  3. Team Backlog Refinement:
    • Understand the continuous need to refine the backlog.
    • Techniques for breaking down user stories and estimating efforts.
  4. Sprint Review/Demo:
    • Grasp the essence of this feedback loop with stakeholders.
    • Uncover effective strategies for showcasing completed work.
    • Learn how to gather feedback and integrate it into future sprints.
  5. Sprint Retrospective:
    • Dive into this reflective session where the team assesses its performance.
    • Tools and techniques for effective retrospectives.
    • Strategies to drive continuous improvement and address team challenges.

By the end of this course, you will have a great grasp in facilitating and maximizing the value of each Scrum event, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and delivering tangible results.

Whether you’re new to Agile or looking to refine your skills, this comprehensive guide to Scrum events will empower you to lead your team with confidence.

Enroll now and embark on a journey to elevate your role and amplify your contributions to your team and organization towards achieving higher performance.

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