Master Practical Project Management through Tools.


Master Practical Project Management through Tools. The course showcases the practical application of project management methodologies, emphasizing the integration with AI.

What you”ll learn:

  • Learning Project Management Practical Techniques…
  • Getting Professional Command on Microsoft Project and ChatGPT..
  • Transform documents into comprehensive project plans.
  • Managing Projects, Tasks, Resources, Costs, Plan VS Actual scenarios..
  • Analyze plan versus actual scenarios to optimize project performance.
  • Tracking your Project effectively to save TIME and COST on projects..
  • Incorporating AI into your Project Management approaches…
  • View multiple views and reports of your project…
  • Learn to develop Formal and professional formatting and presentation for your project..


The course “Mastering Practical Project Management through Tools” comprises two distinct modules, each tailored to provide participants with practical knowledge and hands-on experience in project management tools.

In the First module, participants will focus on mastering the Microsoft Project (MS Project) software interface. They will learn the essential functionalities of the software, including task management, resource allocation, cost tracking, and scheduling. Through interactive tutorials and guided exercises, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to leverage MS Project to effectively plan, execute, and monitor projects.

In the Second module, participants will apply the skills acquired in the first module to a live project scenario. Working collaboratively in simulated real-world environments, participants will put their knowledge into practice by creating professional project plans, managing resources, tracking progress, and addressing challenges. This hands-on experience will enable participants to develop confidence in applying project management methodologies and tools to real-world projects, preparing them for success in their professional endeavours.

Additionally, the course emphasizes the use of modern project management software and techniques for efficient resource allocation, task scheduling, and progress tracking. By the end of the program, participants are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to confidently lead projects from initiation to completion, ensuring deliverables meet quality standards, deadlines, and budget constraints.

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