Master Intercultural Communication


Master Intercultural Communication, Defeat the most common mistakes and succesfully communicate across cultures in less than 45 minutes.


Do you want to learn the best ways to communicate effectively with people from different cultures? Would you like to learn how to avoid the most common mistakes in intercultural communication? If so, then this course is perfect for you!

You’ll learn everything you need to know about communicating with people from different cultures, including how to overcome cultural differences and misunderstandings. You will understand why culture matters in everyday life, and you will also be able to identify and address any cultural issues that may arise during your interactions with others.

Master Intercultural Communication- Everything You Need To Know In 45 Minutes introduces you to the main aspects of intercultural communication to better understand how different cultures communicate.

By the end of this course, you will be equipped with an understanding of the importance of cultural dimensions but also with concrete tools and techniques on how to apply everything you have learned into daily actions.

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  • The main aspects of intercultural communication to better understand how different cultures communicate
  • Hall’s Cultural Iceberg model to gain a deeper understanding of the complexity of culture
  • The most common intercultural communication barriers
  • Four different cultural dimensions
  • Touch and emotions in different cultures
  • How to identify and adapt your style to different cultural situation


1. Improve your communication style

You will learn how to identify and adapt your style to confidently and effectively communicate in every cultural situation.

2. Build up self-awareness

Become aware of your biases and behaviour, and recognize and understand your cultural values.

3. Reduce misunderstandings

You will learn to overcome what is it that makes you tick regarding different cultures in order to build trust and stronger relationships.


This course is full of concrete examples and activities that allow you to practice what you are learning. The course includes three exercises, quizzes and forms and a comprehensive list of additional articles and books to develop your skills and competencies around cultural communication!

Learning intercultural communications will benefit you both personally and professionally as you gain skills and acquire tools that will enable you to better communicate with your co-workers, shareholders and customers!

This course brings Tanja’s years of experience and industry know-how to you! Her unique teaching styles comes from her experience of being internationally certified working style expert and having lived abroad combined with her academic training.

By the end of this course, you will be able to confidently and effectively communicate in every cultural situation, and by doing so, build stronger relationships, reduce misunderstandings and frustrations and gain a better understanding of how to communicate with anyone!

Whether you are a leader on your team, work in a multicultural environment or just love to learn more about intercultural communication, this course will encourage curiosity and expand your horizons.

I look forward to seeing you on the course!

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