Master Excel VBA and Excel Macros


Master Excel VBA and Excel Macros , Learn Microsoft Excel VBA Fundamentals. Automate Complex Tasks with Microsoft Excel VBA & Excel Macros.

What you”ll learn:

  • Master Excel VBA & Macros
  • Learn best practices when creating macros and streamline your VBA code
  • Utilize the objects in the Excel Object Model to emulate user actions in Excel
  • Make your team work fast and better with efficient VBA tools


You will obtain practical fluency in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) specifically as it applies to Microsoft Excel. You will learn to automate and extend Excel by adding VBA projects to your workbooks. You will learn how to respond to workbook, worksheet and application events to automate macro execution. You will learn how it is possible to reach outside of Excel by way of VBA, in order to perform cross-application tasks. You will learn to enhance, customize and extend the Excel user interface through modifications to the Excel environment, the creation of custom user forms, and the use of ActiveX controls. Microsoft Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) provides Excel users with the ability to automate any Excel task. Excel Tasks that would normally take an extensive amount of work and time to complete can ultimately be automated and completed in a single click of a button. All that’s needed to automate your experience is a little Excel VBA knowledge.

Maybe you’ve heard of Excel Macros and VBA. Or, maybe you’ve even attempted to create your own. Jumping into VBA can be a bit daunting and overwhelming. This is an introductory course on how to program Excel using VBA macros. You will learn to automate and extend the Excel environment to supercharge your Excel models, automate routine tasks, customize your user interface, and manage large quantities of data. This course is based on the instructor’s semester-long college courses which have produced thousands of graduates in the fields of business, finance, health care and public policy. Designed for busy professionals who need to take their Excel abilities to the next level, you will not waste time on topics which you are unlikely to use, and you will receive extra attention to the often confusing or overlooked details that will make the most difference to your ultimate understanding.

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