Master course in Organizational Behavior and Design


Master course in Organizational Behavior and Design, Organizational behavior, Organizational Design, Organizational behavior analysis, Organizational Psychology.

Master course in Organizatioal behavior and Organizational Design :  Organizations are made up of individuals. Each person has their own aspirations, values, perceptions, and behavior. Individuals aren’t the same. Understanding how organizations work helps us understand how people behave. To make an organization more efficient. Management needs to understand human behavior in an organization. There are two main points in organizational behavior: 1. Nature of human and  2. Nature of organization.

It’s a study of how individuals, groups, and structures affect behavior within organizations, with the goal of improving them.

In an organization, it’s about how people behave and how that affects performance. The course and sessions states that these behaviors have to do with work, jobs, absenteeism, turnover, productivity, and performance as well we will learn about creating the best organizational design for every business.

A company’s behavior includes motivation, leader behavior, power and relationships, interpersonal communication, group structure, learning, attitude development, conflict, work design and work stress.

Organizing design involves identifying dysfunctional aspects of work flow, procedures, structures, and systems. It involves realigning them so they fit current business realities/goals, and then coming up with a plan for implementing them. Business and technical improvements are both part of the process. A design process typically leads to better organizational design, better results (profitability, customer service, internal operations), and more engaged employees.

In this master course you can learn the five major topics of

1. Introduction of Organizational behavior and organizational design

2. Types and importance of organizational behavior

3. Goals and theories of organizational behavior

4. Importance and elements of organizational design

5. Major components and best organizational design

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