Logistics, Transportation & Warehousing in Supply Chain


Logistics, Transportation & Warehousing in Supply Chain , The Triple Nexus: Optimizing Logistics, Transport and Warehouse Efficiency to streamline the Chain.

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Background of the course

This course will help you drastically improve your knowledge and skills in key topics of supply chain management through a series of must know concepts and examples. This course is designed by Academic & Industry experts in the field for everyone who is in Supply Chain role or wanted to make their career in the field of Logistics, Transportation & Warehousing.

This course is designed for Supply Chain Managers, Analysts, Buyers, Demand Planners, Inventory planners, Transportation, warehousing & Logistics planners & even supply chain leaders.

What this course covers?

This course covers extensive content in a simple explanations and covers more than 15 key topics as below.

Introductory topics

· Business Operations

· Input & Output of Business Operations

· Transformation process

· Example of Manufacturing & Service Operations

· Goods Vs Services

Introduction to Supply Chain Management

· Definition

· Goal of Supply Chain Management

· Partners & Flows in Supply Chain Management

. Evolution of Supply Chain Management (From 1913’s till now and way ahead)

· Historical developments from Assembly line

. Distribution Network in Supply Chain

· Distribution Channel & its types

· Distribution Partners

· Difference between distribution partners

Inventory Management & Purchasing in Supply Chain

· Inventory

· Types of inventory

· Six reasons why business needs inventories

· Activities involved in Inventory Management function

Logistics Management

· Logistics

· Activities in Logistics

· 7R’s of Logistics

· Types of Logistics

· Why Business needs logistics Management

· Reverse logistics

Transportation Management

· Transportation

· Activities in transportation

· Transportation infrastructure

· Key functions of transportation Management

· Types of transportation & their features.

· Difference between transportation modes.

· LTL & FTL, Difference between both of them.

Warehousing Management

· What is warehouse, features of warehouse

· Activities performed in warehousing

· Need for warehousing in supply chain

· Types of warehouses (Private, Public, Co-operative, Government, Bonded, Climate controlled, Automated, Distribution centers).

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