Linux Essentials Certificate Exam, version 1.6 : Prep Tests


Linux Essentials Certificate Exam, version 1.6 : Prep Tests, Recent questions and answers for the LPI 010-160 exam.

Discover the Practice Tests to improve your results when taking the exam: LPI Linux Essentials 010-160.

The Linux 010-160 exam is a beginner-level exam that focuses on developing principles in the IT industry using LPI technology. Passing the Linux 010-160 exam will help you obtain the Linux Essentials certificate from the Linux professional Institute (LPI). This exam will help you become an LPI Certified Profession.


Candidates planning to take the LPI Linux Essentials 010-160 exam must have the following skills:

Have knowledge about Linux and the open source industry.

The candidate must have knowledge of the well-known open source applications.

The candidate must also be familiar with the main components of the Linux operating system.

The candidate must have technical proficiency to work on the Linux command line.

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