LEARNING DIGITAL MARKETING – PART ONE, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Content Creation, Power Words, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing.

This course is specially designed and packaged into a full video that will educate you on the major theoretical aspects of digital marketing as a topic, what are power words, examples of power words and their vital role and importance to you as a marketer or aspiring to be. It also teaches you on how to successfully use these power words to write captivating contents or headlines that will boost your conversion and enhance successful sales and revenue as a business person, freelancer or affiliate marketer.

Here, you’ll learn the basic definition, principles and scope of digital marketing as a subject. You’ll also learn the benefits and advantages of digital marketing in comparison with traditional marketing.

You’ll learn about its components and important aspects which takes you to content creation or marketing and its ultimate guide for you whilst writing yours. Then you will get to know the said power words which is the CORE to every content writing for this purpose, and then how I practically create my headlines with the few selected power words in their categories.

Lasty, You’ll get to know two best, recommended sites with which you can generate your free contents or headlines with the power word without stress or effort.

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