Learn Touch Typing Easily & Get Familiar with the Keyboard


Learn Touch Typing Easily & Get Familiar with the Keyboard, Typing made easy by following some simple steps.

You will learn typing easily by following this course and get familiar with the keyboard.

You can type the words without looking at the keyboard after completing this course.

You will type faster without any errors or zero errors.

Complete the course by practicing it for min 1 to 2hours daily  .

Practicing again and again will make you comfortable to type the keywords easily.

In this course :

What is touch typing?

Learn to Type Home Row in the Keyboard

Home Row Practice

Learn to Type Small words using Home Row

Upper Row E and I

Small words with aeidl

U and R Keys

Words for U and R

Type t and o

Small Words using t and o

Tips to Type Comfortably

How to Type Capital Letters

How to Type Capital and Small Letters

Typing Fullstop (.)

Typing C and ,

Typing g and h

Aphostrphy ‘ and ”

Typing v and n

Typing  question mark  (?)

Typing w and m

Typing q and p

Typing b and y

Typing z and x

After completing this course you will be able to Type very fast

You will be able to type faster will less errors

It will help you in writing the documents and sending emails very fast

Will become familiar with the keyboard and type without looking at the monitor

Anyone who is interested to learn typing

Professionals who want to increase there typing skills can learn this course

Job seekers who are trying for chat process role can learn this course

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