Learn to Give an Engaging Presentation


Learn to Give an Engaging Presentation, Learn the secret of Steve Job’s presentations.

Are you facing the daunting task of delivering a speech or presentation?

While it’s natural to feel nervous and uncertain about speaking in front of others, deep down, you recognize this as an incredible opportunity to shine and leave a lasting impression with an impressive presentation!

A single presentation has the power to transform how others perceive you, leaving a lasting impact.

It is also one of the quickest ways to gain recognition, respect, and establish yourself as an authority figure in your workplace.

In this class, I will share 5 core principles to help you structure your presentation for maximum impact and engagement.

First, I will start with the

1. The goal of the presentation, and this is where most of the leaders get it incorrect. Most leaders tend to focus on the data which makes the conversation very rigid. We will learn an alternative way of engaging the audience.

Then I will cover the 5 principles one at a time.

First principle:  Stories over stats – Learn how stories are more powerful than stats,

Second Principle: Think with the end in Mind – Learn how to clearly understand what you expect from your audience.

Third Principle: WIIFM- Learn how to give before you ask for something.

Fourth Principle: Establish Credibility – Building trust and credibility can take a lifetime, in this class we will cover 3 things you can share in your presentation to quickly build credibility.

Then in the last principle, I will show you how you can bring all these together with the  Less is more.

After each principle, we will do an exercise that will help you to apply what we learned to your chosen presentation.

In the Deep down section we will go deep in storytelling.

We wil learn about Narrative storytelling and go through one of the most popular framework, the Three-Act framework and see how it can be used for entertainment and business environments.

Followed by Narrative stortytelling we will go through Analytical storytelling, and one of the most popular framework the Situation, Complication and Resolution framework with examples.

Lastly we will cover how we can use Pyramid Principle to structure the data and learn to put together an outfrline for presentation.

By the end of the class, you will be able to confidently design and deliver an engaging presentation to any audience.

Imagine the confidence and focus you will exude as you walk into a room, fully prepared to captivate your audience from the very beginning. Your presentation will effortlessly command attention and keep everyone engaged throughout.

You will speak with such ease and naturalness that each audience member will feel as though you are personally conversing with them, establishing a genuine connection.

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