Learn Photoshop – Ultimate Beginners Guide to Photoshop


Learn Photoshop – Ultimate Beginners Guide to Photoshop, The Fastest Way to go from Beginner to Pro in Photohsop – Learn the Easy way to Photoshop your Images.

Learn Photoshop – The Ultimate Beginners Guide

This course is going to take you from knowing nothing about Photoshop to being a Pro as quickly as possible.

Not only will you learn the advanced techniques within Photoshop but you will also learn the easy and quick way to do things.

  • Remove the background of a photo with 1 click.
  • Easily remove items from your photos.
  • Quickly get stunning results on your portraits.
  • Easily Edit HDR Photos.
  • Automatically stitch images together into a panorama.
  • Create your own Patterns.
  • Create your own brushes.
  • Customize Fonts.
  • And learn much more.

Photoshop is an incredible tool for editing images, creating composites, making business cards, and much more.

Within the first 12 minutes of taking this course you will know how Photoshop is laid out. You will know how to remove the background from a photo. You will also know how to edit together your own composites. This course is perfect for beginners that want to learn Photoshop as quickly as possible.

Two Instructors: 

This course is taught by two instructors to give you two perspectives and two different teaching styles.
Also, this Photoshop course is split into two different Phases.

Phase 1: This first phase is all about getting your oriented with Photoshop. Learn the basic layout, how layers work, and get a full overview of every tool within Photoshop.

Phase 2: This is where you go more in-depth. Learn advanced technique to make your images come to life. The 2nd Phase of Photoshop is where you’ll learn to create your own patterns, customize fonts, make HDR images and much more.

Even if you are starting out knowing nothing about Photoshop, this course will take you from knowing nothing to becoming a pro as quickly as possible.

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