Learn OPENGL by making a Project – Painting App using C++


Learn OPENGL by making a Project – Painting App using C++ , This Course helps you to develop a Painting Application using C++ and OPENGL GLUT .

What you”ll learn:

  • Having an impressive Project On OpenGL
  • Will Learn to make CG Applications like MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop,Gimp,Krita
  • Learn OPENGL 2D and concepts of Graphics Programming
  • Will be ready for contributing on OpenSource or Freelance Projects on OpenGL

Course Description

Whether it’s beginners in C++  or intermediate-level developers looking to enhance their skills, This Course is for you .You will be making an entire MS Paint Clone using OPENGL GLUT and C++ .We will be using VSCode as a code editor .The features of the Paint App includes – Pencil Tool , Eraser Tool , Paint Bucket Tool , Line Tool and  Rectangle Tool .We will also Add Features like Changing Colors Dynamically and Undo, enabling users to revert changes . Every Lecture has a C++ file attached so that you don’t get Stuck anywhere. This Course However does not focus on UI part of the Application . You can change the Tools using Keyboard Keys .However , You will get access to full Source Code including the UI and non UI one separately. You are free to use this Source Code anywhere –  No Strings Attached.

This Course is Project Based ,allowing students to apply concepts in a practical manner by creating a real-world application .The course covers well-structured and modular code, providing insights into best practices for software development .I want to assure you that I’ll be actively involved in the Q&A section. Whether you have questions about the code, need clarification on a particular concept, or encounter challenges during the project, I’ll be there to provide guidance and support at every step. Your understanding and progress are my top priorities, and I’m dedicated to creating a positive and interactive learning environment. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or share your thoughts in the Q&A section

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