Learn Italian. Nonstop Speaking. Level 1 for Beginners.


Learn Italian. Nonstop Speaking. Level 1 for Beginners., Master the Italian Language in just minutes a day – only by speaking!

Want to learn Italian, but don’t know where to start?
Want to order pasta like a local?

Want to become fluent in just MINUTES each day?

With our nonstop speaking method, you’ll quickly learn new words and build useful sentences  – no boring lectures and no homework. In Level 1, absolute beginners will go from zero knowledge, to quickly producing complex phrases with perfect pronunciation.

Students will master grammar topics passively just by speaking – the way all native speakers learn their first language. The course materials were built by a team of Italian native speakers, linguists, tutors and English-speaking students just like you – perfecting not only the grammar and pronunciation, but also the flow of the course for a beginner’s perspective.

This course is guaranteed to get you speaking and build your confidence in a new language. By the end of Level 1, everyone will be able to introduce themselves, order in a restaurant, ask for directions, and talk about themselves and the things they have.

How does the course work?
Each day you will watch one new video, while repeating videos from the previous two days, like this:
Day 1: Lesson 1
Day 2: Lessons 1 & 2
Day 3: Lessons 1 & 2 & 3
Day 4: Lessons 2 & 3 & 4
Day 5: Lessons 3 & 4 & 5

Each video is about 10 minutes long, because no one likes long lectures – us included.

In less than 30 minutes a day, you’ll master the topics of previous days before moving on to new ones. You won’t forget any words or get left behind, as each lesson builds off the previous one.

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