Learn a Python Skill in 7 Days from Scratch: Web Scraping


Learn a Python Skill in 7 Days from Scratch: Web Scraping, Learn Web Scraping Basics with BeautifulSoup and Selenium| Practice with 3 projects | Make ChatGPT do the work for you.

What you”ll learn:

  • Learn the basics before beginning web scraping: HTML, Css Selectors, Python Basics
  • How to use BeautifulSoup to scrape a website
  • Everyday Projects to practice what you have learnt
  • How to scrape Javascript websites with Selenium
  • Step by Step course
  • How to scrape multiple pages website


Tired of learning code in isolation without real-world applications? Ready to move beyond the basics and explore the dynamic potential of Python in action? Your solution is finally here with the transformative “Learn Python Web Scraping in 7 Days” course!

We understand the frustration that comes with endless exercises that seem disconnected from practical use. Our course sets itself apart by immersing you in genuine challenges that develop practical Python skills. No more feeling adrift in tutorials – it’s time to master web scraping and apply Python in real-life scenarios.

In just under 2 hours per day, over the course of seven days, you’ll undergo a comprehensive journey that equips you with valuable skills and knowledge:

Day 1: HTML and CSS Basics Embark on your web scraping journey by understanding the fundamental building blocks of web content – HTML and CSS. Lay the groundwork for effectively navigating and extracting data from web pages.

Day 2: Python Fundamentals Solidify your Python skills with a focus on syntax, data structures, and control flow. This day sets the stage for your web scraping adventure.

Day 3: Beautiful Soup Dive into Beautiful Soup, a powerful Python library, to parse HTML and extract structured data effortlessly. Learn techniques to manipulate webpage content and gather information efficiently.

Day 4: Advanced Beautiful Soup Elevate your skills with advanced Beautiful Soup techniques. Explore more complex HTML structures, handle various data formats, and refine your data extraction strategies.

Day 5: Selenium Essentials Unleash the capabilities of Selenium, another invaluable tool for web scraping. Discover how to automate interactions with dynamic websites, enabling you to scrape data from pages with JavaScript-driven content.

Day 6: Selenium Project with ChatGPT Experience the future of automation as you integrate Selenium with ChatGPT. Witness the fusion of web scraping and AI as ChatGPT takes on tasks after you’ve mastered the basics.

Day 7: Monetizing Web Scraping Skills Transition from learner to practitioner by exploring ways to monetize your web scraping expertise. Discover opportunities in data analysis, content aggregation, and more.

Are you ready to embrace a change in your coding journey? Enroll now and revolutionize your learning experience. Break free from theoretical concepts and embrace hands-on skills that hold real-world significance. Say goodbye to aimless exercises and hello to a guided path toward proficiency. Transform your coding skills today with “Learn Python Web Scraping in 7 Days”!

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