Lean Six Sigma Foundation and Principles


Lean Six Sigma Foundation and Principles , Lean Business Operations Management, Lean Process and Systems Improvement in Production and Industry.

What you”ll learn:

  • Learn Lean Management and Manufacturing
  • A comprehensive repository of Lean Six Sigma tools
  • Learn great tools that Lean Six Sigma professionals use on a daily basis and be part of Lean Six Sigma teams in any industry
  • Learn how to apply Lean Six Sigma in pretty much any industry you can imagine. We use a variety of industries in our teaching.


Every business leader optimizes streamline workflow and elimination of unnecessary or repetitive tasks in order to execute the workflow efficiently and effectively. The combination of lean philosophy and statistical approach of six sigma is to reduce wastes and variation of quality control. In order to produce the best result, the following principles of lean six sigma (LSS) can be considered.

Today’s globalized dynamic environment demands high competitiveness and is digitally influenced for the potentially sustainable growth of the company. So this competitive edge necessitates following some management approaches to instigate performance or productivity. Lean Six Sigma approach is one of the management approaches which is successfully implemented across many sectors and industries like information technology, telecommunication, FMCG, healthcare, service sector, finance, etc. to transmute processes to business management processes. The integration of lean and six sigma ensures exceptional improvement in a performance like employee engagement and commitment towards customer satisfaction. In this topic, we are going to learn about the Principles Of Lean Six Sigma.

Getting trained in Lean Six Sigma definitely offers individuals a competitive edge and is a powerful tool to enhance leadership abilities while transforming business processes. Apart from being a worthy addition on the resume, LSS certification indicates an individuals’ understanding of business processes and analytical abilities. Thus, it garners better possibilities for a job and a lucrative salary. LSS certifications are of so much value in the market, as they are not easy to obtain. Such skills are essential for middle to top management and help to rise across senior managerial positions. They are of great demand across all industries like Aerospace, electronics, Telecom, IT, Banking, Automobiles and many more.

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