LEAD MAGNET LAUNCHER, The 5 Day Challenge To Plan, Create & LAUNCH Your Lead Magnet.


In this 5-day challenge, I am going to show you how to plan, create and publish a list-building lead magnet step-by-step (including all of the tech stuff!)

In plain and simple terms, a ‘lead magnet’ is something that you give away for free, in exchange for the email address of your target customer.

This gives your prospects the opportunity to ‘test’ you out, check you out and see if they like you, your content and your style risk-free – to EXPERIENCE your fabulousness for themselves.

Once you have the email address, your relationship-building, nurturing and sales process can commence (on auto-pilot, if you’ve done it right!)


HOW do you actually set up the page and opt-in form in the first place?

HOW do you actually DELIVER the free ‘thing’ automatically?

HOW do you automatically send that email saying ‘hello, here’s your free thing’?!

You’ll be pleased to know that it is much easier than it sounds, and anyone can do it – even if you are as tech-savvy as a potato.

The challenge can be done at any time and each day I’ll be taking you through a step-by-step guide to creating your lead magnet. You will learn how to set up the opt-in page, create an automated delivery system for the ‘thing’, and even how to write effective copy.

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