Kubernetes on AWS EKS – For DevOps, Web & Cloud Engineers


Kubernetes on AWS EKS – For DevOps, Web & Cloud Engineers, Kubernetes, AWS EKS, Microservices on K8S, Docker on K8S | Kubernetes on AWS | Infrastructure as Code with Terraform.

This course is a practical guide for Developers, DevOps, and Cloud Engineers, offering a streamlined approach to mastering key concepts. You’ll swiftly learn to create a Kubernetes cluster and deploy Docker containers on AWS EKS, all while gaining hands-on experience in coding Cloud Infrastructure with Terraform.

Here’s a condensed overview of the course structure:

  1. Begin with a brief introduction to AWS Infrastructure requirements, both general and specific to Kubernetes on EKS. And a quick overview of the demo project that consists of Microservices
  2. Craft an AWS VPC using Terraform, emphasizing Infrastructure-as-Code over the AWS Management Console.
  3. Utilize Terraform code to establish an EKS Kubernetes Cluster.
  4. Deploy a static website as a Nginx container, testing it locally before deploying it to Kubernetes.
  5. Set up an RDS MySQL database instance with Terraform, dedicated to one of the microservices, the API application, within a larger project.
  6. Deploy the API application as a container in Kubernetes, leveraging the AWS RDS database.
  7. Configure routing with Amazon Load Balancer (ALB) and Kubernetes Ingress.
  8. Deploy the final container application and add a new route in Ingress.
  9. Explore important topics like ConfigMaps and Secrets in Kubernetes.
  10. Delve into using Docker Container Images from private registries, such as AWS ECR.

This course offers a practical, hands-on journey for professionals seeking to excel in the world of cloud development and infrastructure management.

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