Kubernetes Hands-on for the Absolute Beginners


Kubernetes Hands-on for the Absolute Beginners, The main aim of this course is to provide a wide understanding of Kubernetes and its application.


This training has been developed by keeping all the important factors in mind that have to be considered while drafting the course. The entire course has been composed in a single unit to make it very effective and efficient for the trainees to take this course. To make it easy for the audience to understand the concepts, we have included various examples in this course which has been chosen very carefully to meet the expectations of the trainees. It is going to be almost around two hours and forty minutes long video tutorial which covers all the beginners, medium and advanced level topics. You will come across various news topics that may be directly or indirectly concerned with this technology. This course is moreover focused on practical aspects rather than just explaining things theoretically. It suits the developers who want to learn about the sort of container that makes the deployment pretty simple.

This course is focused on Kubernetes and the sole purpose of this course is to help the trainees understand the automated application deployment through this container.

The objective of this course is to train the developers and the application admins on deployment management. All the concepts that endorse the deployment in the automated form have been covered in this course. It is solely based on Kubernetes and the primary goal of this training is to deliver practical understanding to all the trainees and help them achieve proficiency regardless of their understanding of this subject.

Kubernetes will be the unit in this Online Kubernetes course which will contain all the concepts that are considered as beginner up to the advanced level. In the initial half an hour of the video, the educator will be explaining all the topics that are considered under the introduction such as the architecture of Kubernetes. You will get to understand all the problems that it can solve and its robustness. After the introduction part, we will proceed to learn about the beginner’s level topic which will be covered using the theoretical explanation. Once the theory is over, we will be diving deep into the practical aspects and will try to do things. After covering the practice of the beginner level topic, you will be learning about the medium and advanced level topics. We have included some new sample questions that may look off topic but it will improve your domain knowledge and will fortify your understanding of Kubernetes.

There are some of the subject topics discussed in the course and you have to consider those topics as the project topics. You will be required to practice things at your end and will be required to complete all the projects to reinforce your understanding of the topics that you would have covered through this course. You will also get to learn about the error handling part through projects. While implementing things for the project, you will come across various sorts of errors that populate when deployment is done in the production. You will get to learn about various kinds of issues that one should be aware of and also has the understanding to manage those issues. After completing this course, you will be able to work very effectively with this technology and will also find it pretty simple to implement the concepts from scratch. For the folks who were willing to opt for this Online Kubernetes Course to prepare for the interviews, they will feel ample confidence to appear in the interview right after completing this course and will also be able to appear strongly in the interviews.

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