Kick-off Your New Career: CV Writing and Interview Skills


Kick-off Your New Career: CV Writing and Interview Skills, How to effectively apply for a new job and how to prepare for the interview so you stand out from the crowd.

Effective preparation when applying for a job is crucial as it enhances your understanding of the role, aligns your qualifications and experience with the employer’s expectations and enables you to articulate your value confidently. Thorough preparation increases the likelihood of making a positive impression, showcasing your suitability for the position and elevating your chances of success.

This course aims to give participants the knowledge and skills necessary for effective job applications and successful interview preparation. Sarah will cover various facets of the job-seeking process and participants will explore considerations when embarking on a job search, discover strategies for finding job advertisements and understand the structure of a compelling CV. The connection between a well-crafted CV and the job description will be explored, emphasising the importance of tailoring applications to meet the job specifications.

Critical insights will be provided into the information essential for a standout application, and participants will unravel the mystery of how recruiters select candidates for interviews. The course will guide individuals on researching prospective employers, anticipating and preparing for potential interview questions, and presenting yourself positively. Valuable advice on asking pertinent questions, steering clear of pitfalls, and concluding on a positive note will round off the session, equipping participants with a comprehensive toolkit to navigate the competitive job market successfully.

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