Jumpstart Your Computer Career: Interviewing Basics


Jumpstart Your Computer Career: Interviewing Basics, Crafting Resumes and Leveraging LinkedIn for Job Search.


The Course Title

Jumpstart Your Computer Career: Interviewing Basics, Crafting Resumes, and Leveraging LinkedIn for Job Search

Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the skills needed to pursue a rewarding career in various computer science fields and learn how to land the job, including:

– Crafting a compelling resume and cover letter

– Preparing for interviews and handling difficult questions

-What to do after the interview

– Navigating the job search process, including leveraging LinkedIn and other platforms

– Understanding the top computer careers and exploring potential job opportunities

– Developing a professional network and growing your skillset.


Course description regarding intended audience:

Who are intended learners for the course?

This course is intended for individuals looking to jumpstart their computer career, including recent graduates, mid-career changers, or anyone interested in exploring the potential of a career in the computer sciences.

The mission of Pursuing Wisdom Academy is to provide high-quality educational resources to help individuals achieve their career and life goals. We strive to equip learners with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the ever-changing job market and to help them discover their potential and reach their full potential.  I am humbled to have been a full time instructor since 2018 with over 72,000 students in 192 countries worldwide.

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