JSP, MySql-JDBC, Servlet for Beginners with Web App Projects


JSP, MySql-JDBC, Servlet for Beginners with Web App Projects, Advance Concepts of Java.

Course Outcomes:

  1. Socket Programming: Client server communication from Scratch
  2. Learn how to connect Java with MySQL using JDBC with Project development
  3. JSP Application design using Tomcat server with Projects development
  4. Servlet API development with Projects development
  5. Struts-1, Struts-2 and Enterprise Java Beans web app development

Course Description:

This course is all about, Advance concepts of Java Programming. The course is divided into 5 parts [Units].


Java Networking:

Exploring java net package, Networking basics: Sockets, Client Server, Reserved Sockets, Internet addressing, TCP sockets, UDP sockets, Creating a server that sends data, Creating a client that receives data, Two way communication between server and client


JDBC [Java Database connectivity]:

The driver manager, Navigating the result set Object contents, Java sql package, Application specified database action, Accessing data from MySQL Server using java, Storing data from java to MySQL server



Introduction to JSP, JSP processing, JSP Application design, Tomcat server, Implicit JSP objects, Conditional Processing, Declaring variables and methods, Error Handling and debugging, Sharing data between JSP pages, Sharing session a4end application data



Introduction to servlet, Servlet life cycle, JSDK, Advantage over CGI, J2EE Servlet Specification, Servlet API, Servlet Implementation: Servlet API, HttpServlet, Servlet, Http request & response, Deployment Descriptor, Sessions in servlet and how to track them, Servlet Projects


Struts and EJB (Enterprise Java Beans):

Struts based web application design, Enterprise Java Beans, Benefits, EJB Architecture, EJB Roles, Types of EJB, Building small session bean Application, Home Interface, remote Interface, Session Bean: Stateless Session Bean and Stateful Session Bean, EJB based web application design

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